Step by Step Guide - Ultra lite and Yakima platform rack

Step 1

Slide the four black Unistrut nuts into the 4 ends of your platform rack. Please note: the nuts should be placed in with the flat face down. Refer to the photo to see what should be seen.

Step 2

Then mount the black platform adapter brackets to the platform rack using 2 silver channel nuts and allen head cap screws (M8 x 20mm). Tighten these until they are fingertight.

Step 3

Bring the rail behind the back of your platform and position it to be connected to the adapter brackets with another 4 channel nuts and M8 x 20mm screws. When you are satisfied with their positioning, tighten the screws in place the rest of the way. Please do not excessively tighten these, they should be able to be removed with a manual tool.

Step 4

To finish off the rear attachments, slide the turn-knobs on the underside of each end and place the sliding hook on the opposite side to the awning’s eventual placement.

Step 5

Across the long side of the platform rack where your awning will be mounted, measure 1650mm from the rear mounting rail and mark that point. Using another 2 channel nuts, fasten the hook rod so the near side sits at the measured position.

Step 6

Slide your awning into the rail at the rear, lift up the front of the awning and bring it to sit on the front rod. Use the elasticated front strap to fasten the awning and tighten all the turn-knobs.

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