180 Degree Awnings

Best suited for ute setups for maximum shade with no wasted space.

Maximum Shade, Maximum Protection

Enjoying all that there is to see of this world without compromising your health is essential. Our 270 degree vehicle awning will solve that problem perfectly. Keep out of the sun with our 99% UV protection, and enjoy the cooler, more comfortable temperature of the shade.

We have our 3.6m, 4.0m, and 5.0m solutions available for purchase directly online.

Simply select your size, colour and roof rack solution to finalise and place your order. Read below to see the stand out features of this awning.

To access all the different awning dimensions (packed up, each arm length, overall dimensions, weight and more) click here to download our PDF.

Canopy Colours

Prices: $4050.00

180 Degree Awnings

Perfect for maximising UV protection on your 4x4

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