Frequently Asked Questions

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Ordering (4)

Can I order internationally? (Outside of Australia)
Yes, we can ship our products internationally. However, there are additional shipping charges that will be added to your quote.
Is there a retailer near me?
How long is the lead time for new orders?
Which is your most popular awning?

Product Specifications (10)

What colours do you offer?
What canopy sizes do you offer?
Where are your awnings made?
What materials do you use?
Do you offer custom awnings?
Do you sell poles or ropes for your awnings?
Can I choose a different colour for my storage cover than my awning?
What is the length of each awning when it is packed up?
Does the black awning produce too much heat for users?
I don’t have a Rhino Rack, can I fit it to a different brand?

Shipping (5)

How much is shipping?
Our Australia wide shipping charge is $65.
Can I track my package?
How long will it take to get to me?
What if I need it quicker?
How heavy are your awnings?

Installation (4)

What are the minimum/maximum distances between the two mounting points?
3.6m - between 1200-1700mm

4.0m - between 1400mm-2000mm

5.0m - between 1700mm-2300mm
Can I get my awning installed?
How do I install my awning?
How do I make a claim against my warranty?