How much is there really to consider?

Purchasing an awning usually requires more consideration than you would first expect.

To make it easier for you to understand we have noted the different questions you need to have answered, and what you deem to be acceptable in an awning. These include:

  1. What are your sail dimensions and canopy material?
  2. How heavy is your awning?
  3. How will I mount my awning?
  4. How well does your awning perform in the wind?
  5. How much are your awnings?

What are your sail dimensions and canopy material?

Sail dimensions and the canopy material are the 2 foundational pieces of information that determine the answer to every other question you will need to know (including price).

Looking at 6 different awning manufacturers, these are the canopy materials we found they source:

  • Poly Cotton canvas - 300-320gsm
  • Waxcon canvas - 275-304gsm

The length of your sail can determine how much shade and rain cover you get, but also how wind resistant it will be too.

Obviously the larger your awning, the more flexible it is when pushed around. The key is asking yourself how you prioritise the balancing of these two factors.

The greater the material's strength, the larger your sail can afford to be also.

How heavy is your awning?

Making sure you are aware of how heavy your awning is, makes all the difference, particularly when you are doing a lot of mods to your rig.

Remember: the awning’s weight can be an indicator of the awnings wind performance, too. So heavy does not immediately equal a worse option.

So ask yourself, how heavy can I afford my setup to be?

Most awning suppliers boast the following awning weights:

  • Pull-out awnings - 9.5-11kg
  • 270 degree awnings - 16.8-33.5kg
  • 180 degree awnings - 19-26kg

These are mere guidance figures, and the companies used to compile this information have been left out deliberately, however, they can be easily found for comparison via the manufacturer’s websites.

How will you mount your awning?

Knowing how you will install your awning will help you figure out how you will configure your roof storage setup.

Good questions to ask manufacturers would be:

  1. How intrusive on my roof platform will your awning be?
  2. Is it easy to install?
  3. Do you offer installations?

How well does your awning perform in the wind?

Most awning manufacturers do not have objective standards of measuring strength for their products.

Both the canopy and the frame need to be investigated in identifying its build quality.

So here are 3 ways you can identify an awnings strength without asking the manufacturer:

  1. Observe how taught the awning is between each beam. Does it bow?
  2. Check what the frame is made out of. Heavier awnings may have an edge over lightweight solutions.
  3. Remember, the larger the awning the lesser its strength.

How much is your awning?

Depending on the shape and size of the awning you are looking for you can find a scope of pricing.

Yes, you do want an idea from the beginning on how much you are willing to spend. However, you can use what we have listed as a guide for you to possibly reconsider this.

Quick tip: It can also be helpful to ask if fabric/bag replacements are available for purchase also.

How do our products fair in these categories?

This is the ultimate question, and we believe our products compete with all other manufacturers in the above considerations.

For sure, not all awnings should be compared with one another as they are placed differently categorically. So only compare our awnings with other 180 and 270 products.

  1. What are your sail dimensions and canopy material?
    • 180 degree: 3.6m x 1.8m, 4.0m x 2.0m, 5.0m x 2.5m
    • 270 degree: 3.6m x 3.6m, 4.0m x 4.0m, 5.0m x 5.0m

      The material we have chosen for our products is a marine grade, solution dyed 600gsm acrylic fabric. This material is commonly used as boat canopy material as it is both water resistant and provides 99% UV protection.
  2. How heavy is your awning?
    • 180 degree: 3.6m (12kg), 4.0m (14kg), 5.0m (18kg)
    • 270 degree: 3.6m (14kg), 4.0m (16kg), 5.0m (22kg)
  3. How can I mount my awning?
    Both traditional rail systems and platform rack solutions are available to purchase along with your awning. There are occasions when fitting through us is possible, however, please contact us regarding this to confirm availability.
  4. How well does your awning perform in the wind?
    • 180 and 270 degree: 3.6m (50km/h)
    • 180 and 270 degree: 4.0m (45km/h)
    • 180 and 270 degree: 5.0m (35km/h)
  5. How much are your awnings?
    • 180 degree: 3.6m ($1,180.00), 4.0m ($1,240.00), 5.0m ($1,460.00)
    • 270 degree: 3.6m ($1,460.00), 4.0m ($1,586.00), 5.0m ($1,950.00)

You can check out our full range here if you are interested in more information regarding our products.

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